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psychic astrology reading with Karen
Hello, my name is Karen serving you as a natural Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychic Medium guiding by Senses of Vibrations of sound and light, spiritually channeling informative, descriptive insight past, present and futuristic in matters of the heart, mind, career, health and finances. As an astrologer, using Kepler I can forecast a chart according to your birth time giving you precise information, direction, clarity on all issue's making positive choices and manifesting one's life's dreams and desire's. I also speak Spanish. Love and Light! 818 OFF-LINE

Hi my name is Kelly Iíve been a gifted psychic for many years. Iíve helped people from all over the world with their problems in life such as love, financial, heartache, family matters, business career and more. I use my psychic abilities to read my clients and find out whatís going on in their life on how to help them through it and if my client also wants I can use some spiritual tools as well such as tarot cards and crystals astrology and I interpret dreams as well. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you. 424 OFF-LINE
psychic astrology reading with Elizabeth
Hi, my name is Elizabeth a gifted psychic for over 24 years. I have helped people from all over the world and all walks of life. I can read past, present and future in the areas of love, soulmates, twin flames, family matters, business, career and so much more. I use my psychic abilities and use a person's name and birthdate to give back the information that is given to me. I am a fourth generation psychic working with tools such as Tarot Cards, Crystals, Astrology, Crystal Ball, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing, Dream Interpretations, Past Life, Pet Psychic. I am here to help you gain answers and help you with challenges that you may be facing in your life. Also, to help connect you to your right path that is your destiny for love, happiness, peace, and prosperity. I am looking forward to our connection. Love and Light. 427 OFF-LINE

Hello, my name is Kiana. I am a Natural Born Psychic. I will predict your future with Tarot Cards, Astrology and Phone Energy Readings. What I would like to say is I will give you time and dates. I will give you what I see the future holds for you. I will tell you what spirits are around you and what messages they have for you. I will give you what I see for your relationships. You will feel my strong energy as I originate from Europe. My gift is from my mothers side of the family that has been predicting for over 100 years. My mother always told me that I had a special gift of helping people and that is what I continue and love to do. Thank you for reading my bio and look forward to speaking with you soon. 436 OFF-LINE
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