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Psychic Name   Description Extension Status
Psychic Medium reading with Kjerstin
Hello, I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, Psychic medium. I use tarot cards and my own special gift to give you a detailed and accurate reading targeted to your own special needs. I specialize in love and relationships. I am also a Pet Psychic. I can help connect and speak with loved ones who have passed on. I can also assist you in determining if your current partner is the one you are supposed to spend your life with. I can also guide you along the path to identifying and finding your soul mate. You will find me to be honest, loving and compassionate. You are reading this because we are meant to connect. No question is too big or too small. My extension is 888 and I look forward to meeting and working with you. 888 BUSY
Psychic Medium reading with Cynthia
Welcome My name is Cynthia. I have been doing Professional Psychic Readings for over 32 years. I look forward to helping you with my gifts. I am a Psychic Medium and also work with Tarot Cards, Energy and Crystals. I also can do Psychic Readings for Pets. Once we talk, I believe you will have your answers. I truly look forward to our connection. 490 BUSY
Psychic Medium reading with Ariel
Greetings! My name is Ariel, a fourth generation psychic, Tarot reader, and medium. My Eastern European ancestors traveled the world healing and awakened in me 'the gift'. Blessed, I pick up the energies around your career and in your relationships at work, in your love life, and with those who have passed over. Together we call upon Spirit to change those energies. Yes, you can get peace of mind, success, love, and connection with the deceased. I also specialize in freeing you from the suffering of codependency. Upon request, I conduct Tarot readings. 484 WAITING
Psychic Medium reading with Paula
Hello, my name is Paula. I am a professional Psychic with over 30 years experience. I'm a 4th generation Psychic Medium. I was born with this gift to guide and help those who need spiritual direction in all matters. I do past, present and future readings. I work with Tarot Cards, Energy and Crystals. I am also a Reiki Master. Looking forward to talking with you today to make a better tomorrow. Love and Light. 493 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Karen
Hello, my name is Karen serving you as a natural Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychic Medium guiding by Senses of Vibrations of sound and light, spiritually channeling informative, descriptive insight past, present and futuristic in matters of the heart, mind, career, health and finances. As an astrologer, using Kepler I can forecast a chart according to your birth time giving you precise information, direction, clarity on all issue's making positive choices and manifesting one's life's dreams and desire's. I also speak Spanish. Love and Light! 818 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Sunshine
Welcome! For over 18 years now I have been doing Psychic Readings. I have the gift of Clairvoyance and Mediumship. I also work with the Tarot and/or Playing Cards. I look forward to bring some sunshine into your life. 400 OFF-LINE

For 15+ years, I have assisted my clients with my skills as a Psychic, Medium, and Tarot Card Reader. It would be my pleasure to work with you obtain a fresh perspective going forward. 445 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Summer_Jade
Welcome to my listing, I am so glad that you have chosen me. I am here to give you honest and direct answers to all of your Questions No Matter how big or small. Are you Confused, are you worried, Is the thoughts of your lover cheating on you keeping you up at night Or do you simply want to know if you will find the right person for you? I am here to be your angel guide and answer All these questions and more with over 20 years experience. I am a natural born psychic (yes there was a vail covering my face when I was born) I am also a gifted medium clairvoyant and empath. I work with the spirits To give you proper guidance and answers that you need. I use tools like Tarot cards. I am very honest And straightforward so you will get no sugar coating here, but your life will be enriched beyond measure. Do call now~ 475 OFF-LINE

Are you searching for accurate guidance? Needing advice to relationships, career, finances, relocation, and children situations? Now is the time to experience Marie Saint-Louis spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudient(hearing) and clairsentience(smelling, tasting, feeling) abilities that assist you in seeing your situation clearer. For years, she hid her gift and only read for selected coworkers, friends, and family members. She often had others call her into their offices privately before important meetings looking for assistance. Friends who were going through relationship changes called on Marie wanting to know what opportunity was coming next. As a gifted Psychic Medium, Marie has guided thousands of clients (just like you) from all over the world. People have questions, and can sometimes feel nervous about searching for answers. Marie knows this and has a gentle way of allowing God to shine through in the delivery of your personal messages in a direct manner with a balance of sensitivity. Looking to connect with a deceased loved one? She is also a Medium which means she has the gift to connect to people in the afterlife and pass on messages from them. She is known for providing very detailed messages that can only be verified by you. “Remember all my readings are kept confidential and I never judge you or the situation.” 825 OFF-LINE

Greetings! My name is Dee and I have been working with my gifts in helping people for over 25 years. I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader and Pet Psychic. I also have gifts of interpreting your Dreams. Step into my world and let me help you find the answers you are looking for. 427 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Star
Greetings! I'm Star! I'm a natural born 3rd Generation Psychic with 30+yr's experience. I'll answer your question's directly & honestly. Specializing in Love, Family, Career, I offer Solid answer's. My Spirit Guide Rose assist's w all my Reads. I realized my Psychic Gift's after a N.D.E. with Psychic experiences as a child. I have Found missing people, pets, objects. I Channel Vision's, Clairessence, Clarvoiant, Psychic Medium, Certified 3rd level Reiki Healer Master attuned under St. Michael.Kundalini,Usui Reiki. I answer q's directly. Call me today for a Psychic Reading. 831 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Sharry
Welcome my name is Sharry. I am a gifted Psychic Medium who has been doing readings for over 30 years. I also work with Tarot Cards and specialize using my gifts in matters of the heart. I am non judgmental and am only wanting to help you on your journey. I look forward to our connection. 461 OFF-LINE

Hello! I am Gabrielle. I am an intuitive psychic reader. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and a medium. I am also an energy healer. I use my gifts to bring you honest answers and help to guide you on the right path to ensure your highest happiness and goodness for your life. I also do dream interpretation and can see into past lives if you wish, many Blessings. 800 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Debbie
Debra is a gifted clairvoyant and has been a professional psychic for over 25 years. Even as a young child, she was aware of her power and healing potential for others. This knowledge led her down the path of personal growth and, eventually, allowed her to guide others on their own healing path. Debra helps others to realize they have special gifts as well. She has worked with thousands of people worldwide as a Psychic Consultant, Medium, Healer and Certified/ Clinical Hypnotherapist. She enjoys working with her abilities to help others experience greater clarity in relationship and business matters. 832 OFF-LINE
Psychic Medium reading with Janice
I am an International Psychic and have been giving readings for more than 25 years. I can help with issues in life, love, work, family, dreams and much more. I am an Empath, Intuitive, Medium, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Hypnotist. I can cleanse your Chakras & Aura and give you accurate and decisive information about your life. 874 OFF-LINE
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