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I have many years experience being clairvoyant and use of tarot cards. I specialize in love, relationships, career and much more. 839 WAITING

My name is Tina, and I have 25 years of experience as a natural clairvoyant, spiritual counselor, dream interpreter and tarot card reader. I will advise you through problems or concerns you may have regarding health, love and relationships, money, career, finding your soul mate or any other aspects of your life you seek guidance for. I can tell your past, present, and future. You don't need to feel alone and confused any longer. I am here to help and will be awaiting your call. Don't wait to fix your problems in life. Call me to uncover your past and discover your true destiny. Let me help you to take charge of your future today. Be blessed. 805 WAITING
psychic tarot reading with Charity
Charity’s psychic support readings are done in a series of sessions, designed to guide you in achieving your goals, as well as in understanding the people on your path along the way. Through Tarot, and your voice interaction, helps facilitate these support readings, which are great for improving relationships, making big career changes, or truly fulfilling your life purpose. My methods are tried and true in accordance to the ancient Law of Karma, we are the architects of our own fate. Karma is the result of our past actions and own present doings. Seize control of your karma and the effects of your actions. Discover how past life experiences might be influencing the one you are living now. Reveal the lessons life has to offer, and take action to improve your life. When you change the way you look at things the way you look at things change for you! As a Master Reiki Teacher, a healer, I will help you through the empowerment of “Energetic Life Force Energy”. Namaste! Charity 831. 831 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Lauralee
I’m Lauralee, a gifted clairvoyant, medium, dream interpreter, past life and tarot reader. I have 20 years of experience with answering life’s persistent questions about career, relationships, money, family and travel. With love and compassion my guide Clarissa from the Pleiades helps me view your life from a larger perspective. I help you find the cause of what is blocking you from having what you want in life. I can also help you connect to loved ones that have passed on and assist you in communicating and feeling comfort about their passing. 865 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Robert_Jerome
Psychic Robert Jerome shares his gift of helping people connect to their future by reading Tarot and Angel Cards. These messages from Spirit are designed to help you clarify life’s challenges. Along with the use of cards, Bob has the ability to channel. With this special gift, you will hear directly from Bob’s guide who will speak to you messages of love and comfort. Bob appears at many events each month across the Phoenix metro area and is most often asked about relationships and finances by clients who will tell you the readings Psychic Robert Jerome gives are direct, concise and suggestively helpful. 812 OFF-LINE

I have 18 years experience providing Clairvoyant and Tarot readings, and a lifetime of experience receiving and interpreting my Psychic visions. Have your problems become a burden on your mind and soul? Are other parts of your life being affected? Put an end to the cycle today. I will help bring clarity to any situation that concerns you, as my desire is to help you in any way that I can. Give me the opportunity to help you and let me bring peace of mind and a calmed spirit with my understanding and accuracy. Opportunities for peace and happiness in love, relationships, success in finances and your career may be presenting its self to you, I want to help you identify them. I look forward to speaking with you. 873 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Katarina
Let me help you. Experienced Tarot reader and empath, I am here to work with your needs and to find a path that is gentle and healing. Thank you to all who I have been honored to work with. 838 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Sunny
Sunny is an Empath, Clairaudient, Psychic, Dream Interpreter, Tarot, Pendulum and Rune Card Reader for over 40+ years and third generation Strega. Her specialties are Love, Romance, Career and Money. Sunny has often been called “The Psychic’s Psychic” because of the many intuitives who regularly consult her. Today, Sunny enlists Ed in the Pendulum to help her guide others through life’s journey, as well as teaching others Tarot, Candle and Incense Burning and Rune Reading. She also is the first and, to her knowledge, the only, to use the Universal Transparent Tarot. 823 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Tony
Do you need advice, help, support, and guidance for love, relationship, breakup, infidelity, family, job, career, money, moving, and relocation issues and challenges? Then please let me help you! I have been giving honest, accurate, clairvoyant, and clairaudient psychic tarot readings with completely accurate time-frames since 1967 (48+ years!). My psychic tarot readings are based on astrological, numerological, the Qabbalistic, and Angelic correspondences & magical invocations. I have been practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki to heal broken hearts and love-pain since 1996. I have also been teaching and coaching "The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret" to help my clients attract and manifest their true love and soul-mate, happiness, prosperity, abundance and success since 1999. I really enjoy helping my clients acquire clarity, psychic wisdom, and spiritual healing. My goal is to provide my clients with spiritual guidance, counselling, instruction and coaching to overcome life's many challenges. I am available 7 days a week and I look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you. 882 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Tim
As a life long empath, Timothy is easy to talk to and provides much appreciated guidance. He has been an astrologer since 1979 and an expert in tarot reading. Call Timothy to cast your chart and detailed reading. 833 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Lani
Clairvoyant since childhood, Lani brings many years experience as an intuitive, often incorporating her studies in the Shamanic field and healing arts in her readings. An ordained minister, Lani also works with Angels ,Spirit Guides and Intuitive Tarot to lead you to the answers that you need. Let her use her gifts to help you improve your abundance, create peace of mind and increase the love in your life. Lani has made numerous television appearances and clients call her from all over the world seeking her advice. When she is not busy working with clients or pursuing further training in energy mastery and study, she enjoys writing and other art forms. 881 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Lydia
Lydia is a natural empath with expertise in numbers as well as tarot. She is very easy to communicate with for engaging questions with accurate answers. 802 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Emmaline
My name is Emmaline. I was raised by nuns and have always had a fascination with Angels and Fairies. I believe in magic and the power that you can change your life. Tarot is a powerful tool that help to guide you along your path in life and answer pressing questions. Over the years my faith has transformed into one of being at one with nature, goddesses, ancestors and spirits. I am an experienced empathy, intuitive tarot reader, tea reader and herbalist that has helped so many clients find the peace, clarity and direction. I give your intuitive readings honestly, truthfully with spice and sweetness. My goal is to create a safe open-minded place without any judgments. My mission and love in life is to help people, so give me a call. Bright blessings! 806 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Annabelle
Hello and thank you for stopping by! I am a gifted clairaudient, clairsentient, and empath. I am also skilled in the tarot. I was taught at a very early age about my abilities and how to assist others through their life's journey. Together, you and I will learn what the universe has in store for you. Call me today for a fun and honest reading!. 898 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Sarah
For over 15 years, Sarah, your Spirit's Muse, has been providing clarity, hope and sometimes a cosmic booty kicking to thousands of seekers just like you. Along with her natural gifts and expertise, Sarah uses tools such as tarot, pendulums, chakra scanning and karmic past lives. Call it whatever "clair..." you will, for her it is simply an act of going neutral and letting Spirit give her a sense of knowing. Sometimes it is in images, words, colors, or even a kin-esthetically triggered response (that "bad/good taste" in her mouth). A consultation with Sarah is your opportunity to: Examine and create positive results with your relationships, Understand the pros and cons of any situation and take successful action, Empower yourself to implement the best course of action to achieve the most positive resolution, Embrace your Soul's purpose and unfold your life’s mission. Sarah begins EVERY reading with a short prayer to assure that the information is coming from Spirit. "It is my privilege and responsibility to inspire and empower individuals to create the life they deserve!" 857 OFF-LINE

Hello, my name is Theresa. I was born a gifted psychic and have been giving readings for over 20 years. I read Tarot cards, I see visions, I pick-up on vibes just by the sound of your voice. I am also a pet psychic. I can help guide you in all aspects of life such as love, health, money, career, family & travel. 870 OFF-LINE

Hi I'm Nancy and I can help you in all matters of life. No problem is too big or too small, I can lead you down the right path. I specialize in love, relationships, career, finance, health, happiness and more. I am a gifted psychic and have been giving accurate readings for over 10 years. I also do tarot readings, crystal ball readings and angel card readings. Are you tried of wondering when are things going to change in your life? Stop wondering. Call me today and find out. 800 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Justice
My name is Justice and I am an intuitive and empathic psychic. I have had this gift all my life and would love to bring clarity to your questions and help you along your spiritual journey. During my sessions I use a pendulum but I also consult with tarot cards. However, most of the time I already know the answer before hand so I hope to hear from you soon, blessed be. 830 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Joanne
Feeling lost? Wondering if he or she is the one? Wondering what direction you should go in? Stop wondering and call me now! Hello, my name is Joanne and I've been a psychic and tarot reader for over 30 years. I've helped hundreds of people with relationship problems, guided people though financial issues and helped people with all the little problems that we all go through on a daily basis. I'm here to guide you through your journey of life. Stop feeling lost, confused, lonely and sad. Call me today. Peace of mind and happiness is only one phone call away. 828 OFF-LINE
psychic tarot reading with Molly
Hi, my name is Molly and I have over 35 years of experience specializing in all aspects revolving around love, especially identifying twin flames. I also specialize in career, finances and past life regression. I am an expert in honing in on a person's spirituality within their chakras and Aura. I can answer any questions about the past, present and future I look forward in helping to guide you through the hardships of life. Allow me the opportunity to use my gifts by blending their inspiration and life experiences with the tarot to create a well-rounded guidance that concentrates on self-discovery and interpersonal relationships. It is my goal to help you access information about your life, relationships, and career issues in a way that is most meaningful to you. We work together to help you harmonize your life and find different paths for you to follow. When working with me, I will continue receiving energy regarding our conversation long after it has ended. I can receive messages in my dreams or just as I go about my everyday life. That is why it is important for us to keep working together. I enjoy my callers by helping others to live a life of emotional peace and harmony. I look forward to connecting with you. 862 OFF-LINE
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